Chugach Baptist Association
Friday, May 22, 2015
Kingdom-focused & Mission Driven

The Association

 The Association exists to assist, resource, and support the local church in fulfilling its ministry/calling. The Association believes that churches working together can accomplish much more than the church can do by itself. Hence, the Association is “churches helping churches.”

 Two issues are critical in describing the Association and its work. These issues provide vision and purpose.

 The Association should be relevant to the churches. If churches view the Association as not relevant, no reason exists to spend resources on Associational work. However, if the Association is seen as essential and beneficial to the church, then the church should cheerfully and generously contribute towards Associational work. Hence, relevancy is a critical issue.

 Secondly, the Association is about Kingdom focus. It strives to project this focus and move the local church out of a single-focused ministry (my kingdom/ministry to Christ’s kingdom/ministry). What the individual church does or does not do affects the entire Kingdom across the globe. 

 When churches truly have a “kingdom focus,” God pours out opportunities for service and ministry in Christ’s name throughout the world. Blessings abound for both those being served and those who are serving. Therefore, churches must have a strong desire for kingdom work and bringing Christ glory. Churches that have a kingdom focus are Acts 1:8 churches (…and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth).

 The next few pages explain “relevancy” and “kingdom focus” that specifically relates to the local association. Find where you and your church belong.

 Relevancy: Assisting, Resourcing, Bringing Together, Supporting


  1. New church starts
  2. Training
    1. Spiritual gifts inventories and identifying potential ministers
    2. Leadership

                     i.      DISC personality profiles

                     ii.      Building Powerful Ministry Teams (Next Level)

                     iii.      Sunday School leadership

    1. Administration
    2. Forming youth/children councils and ministries
    3. Women’s ministry
    4. Men’s ministry
    5. Stewardship/Financial planning
    6. Bush training

                     i.      All of above

                     ii.      Communication, telecommunications

                     iii.      Materials: LifeWay, books, other curriculum

                     iv.      Assisting with shipping

                     v.      Assisting with travel

    1. New pastor/staff orientation, family orientation
    2. Evangelism
    3. New member
  1. Discipleship
    1. Christian life issues
    2. Recovery ministries
    3. Bible Study

                     i.      Winter Bible Study, World Religions, Cults, Baptist Doctrine

    1. Personal Growth

                     i.      Clergy

                     ii.      Laity

                     iii.      Whole church body

  1. Resource
    1. Library and media resource center
    2. Music
    3. Materials, studies, tracts
    4. Counseling

                     i.      Christian

                     ii.      Secular (12 step programs)

    1. Brenda Crim

                     i.      Women’s ministries

                     ii.      Women’s issues

                     iii.      Spiritual gifts inventories

                     iv.      DISC certification

                     v.      College-age ministries

                     vi.      College-age ministers and servants

    1. Scott Kirby

                     i.      Missions facilitator/coordinator

1.      meet needs

2.      discover mission needs both inside and outside Alaska

3.      mission matching

4.      mission orientation

                     ii.      Supply preacher

    1. Walter and Sherry Chastain

                     i.      Camp Ministry Directors

1.      Retreats

2.      Age grouped camps

3.      Fellowships

4.      Mission opportunities

5.      Training

    1. David George

                     i.      Supply preacher

                     ii.      Leadership

                     iii.      Experience

1.      Pastoral

2.      chaplaincy

3.      consulting

                     iv.      Conflict resolution

                     v.      Administration and supervision

                     vi.      Church starter strategist

                     vii.      Training

1.      Next Level certified teacher

2.      Spiritual gifts inventory and discovery

3.      FAITH and other evangelism

4.      Stewardship

5.      Sunday School Leadership

6.      Recovery

7.      New member orientation

8.      Bereavement ministry

                     viii.      Facilitator

1.      Winter Bible Study

2.      Bible teacher

  1. Financial
    1. Church starts
    2. Ministries, missions
    3. Evangelism projects
    4. Benevolence


Kingdom Focus: Reaching the World for Christ

A Kingdom-focused association incorporates all of Acts 1:8 as churches working together. Every church must come to understand that what it does (or does not do) affects the entire kingdom of Christ. The Kingdom can be broken down into four areas:

 Community Missions (Jerusalem)

State Missions (Judea)

North American Missions (Samaria)

International Missions (ends of the earth)

 The Association is not a separate organization but a composition of many. Hence, it is one body representing many bodies in Christ. When one church rejoices, the entire Association is to share that joy. When a church hurts, the entire Association shares in their pain and sorrow. A kingdom-focused association seeks to build up the body so that Christ may be glorified in all that is done. Therefore, each church body is connected to and responsible for the entire body of Christ throughout the world.


  1. Church health
    1. Leadership assistance
    2. Financial assistance
    3. Resource assistance
    4. Prayer support


  1. Missions
    1. Partnering
    2. Evangelism
    3. Discipleship
    4. Prayer support
    5. Financial support
    6. Resources
    7. New work, new starts, restarts


  1. Training
    1. Leadership
    2. Evangelism
    3. Discipleship
    4. Administration


  1. Community and Social Service
    1. Christian para-church organizations

                     i.      Pro-life

                     ii.      Rescue Mission

                     iii.      Orphanages

                     iv.      Alaska Baptist Family Services

                     v.      Women’s Shelters

                     vi.      Samaritan’s Purse

    1. Wayland Baptist University
    2. World Changers
    3. Mission teams
    4. Missionary Assistance

                     i.      Financial

                     ii.      Supplies

                     iii.      Prayer Support

                     iv.      Fellowship

                     v.      On the field support (mission trips)

    1. World Hunger
    2. English as a Second Language (ESL)
    3. Port Ministry